Tournament Setup Center

This is to help you step by step in filling in the info for your tourney.
Next to each input area there will be an explaination.
There is also a link to the T.D. Training Center on Main T.D.Help Center
Where you can make fake tourneys for practice.
*Great way to try out swiss tourneys!*

  • To Create a tourney go to TD Login (you should have that addy saved to your favorites) and log into TD center.
  • Check the tourney calendar for tourneys already made and what they are. Consider the time you want to host your tourney. Remember, generally we run our tourneys on the even hours 12 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm, and 10 pm. We also have our early birds at 8 am and 9 am.
  • Click create a tourney.
  • Choose a format - single, double or swiss and click on submit. Make sure you are approved to host swiss and double elimination tourneys with TD Manager
  • Click on the day of the month you want to have your tourney on the calendar. Each of the yellow numbers represents the number of tournaments scheduled for that day already. If you want a different month then what is showing click on Select Month and Select Year on bottom of page.
  • Next page is the time of day you want your tourney. Remember that 12 AM is midnight. It's a long list and the PM's are at the bottom! : )
  • We are now at the next step of the create tourney process. Next to each input area tells you what to do in blue. (This information won't be on the real create tourney, but similar info will be in your T.D.Guide.
    Name of Tournament (optional): This is where the title of your tournament goes.
    Game: HELP
    *Select SPADES from dropdown menu*
    Game Room Name: HELP
    Game Room Link (url to where the game is being played): HELP
    *Check on TD Center games page to add corrent link url here*
    Game Format: HELP
    *Specify specific game hosting...ex Reg No BN  or  Mirror Spades*
    Tourney Style: This is simply a display, or cosmetic choice. You can use one of the preset style sheets we have available to customize the look and feel of your tourney page. Just select the name of the style you prefer from the drop-down menu.
    Number of Rounds: This is the NUMBER of rounds. .ALWAYS choose 8 rounds
    For Swiss choose 3, For DE choose 6
    Minutes between Round Start Times: Enter an estimate of how long an average match will take. full tours are 30, odd hour, quickie, or roulettes are 15
    Number of Players per Team: Enter how many people on each team.. For Bots or a 1vs1 always enter 1, the majority of tourneys will be 2vs2, so enter 2 per team.
    Teams Competing per match: HELP Enter how many teams for each match. Spades is almost always 2.  In most cases this should always be left at 2.
    Random Team Partners? HELP Random Team Partner tourneys are tourneys where players do not get to choose their partners. Always check here for our Wednesday Random Pard Tourneys
    Membership Requirements: HELP Just leave this at none, unless you making a tourney for just premium members. Don't change, leave at 'None'
    Multiple Day Tournament? HELP Check this box if your tournament will take more than one day to complete.  Do not check box!
    Invitation Only Tournament? HELP Used for TOC tourneys only check box for TOC type tourneys
    Ladder Stats Tournament? HELP Leave this box checked! Or your matches won't download into dailys and your players don't get credit for the games in their ladder stats!  ALWAYS LEAVE CHECKED!
    TOC Tournament? HELP 
    Select TOC tournament winners start and end dates: From to
    Use your default rules page if one exists. If you have a default rules page saved you can have it automatically inserted into your tourney rules page by checking this box.  ForeverSpades asks that all TD's have the league tourney rules is this section.
    Display dedicated java IRC chatroom on main tournament page.

    Select one of the options below
    No entry fee; No prize or Ladderbux rewards
    No entry fee; Ladderbux to top finishers HELP
    Ladderbux entry fee; Ladderbux to top finishers HELP   choose option #3, and then choose from the drop down menu, how much Bux you will charge. Check the Game Rules for all tours page for correct amount of buxs to charge here. The bux go into a pot and are distributed according to how many players are in you tourney .(See the PRIZES link on your tourney for the payout breakdowns)
    Tournament Settings update v       2 vs 2       Save New Settings

    *Settings can be saved for Future Tourneys. TD can save 2 setting types. Usually save settings for a 1 vs 1 tourney and for a 2 vs 2 tourney to help create tourneys faster in future with saved tourney information*

  • ***After completing all of the above double-check that you entered your settings correctly, then click the “Create Tournament” button. If you left something out, the system will tell you on next page. If that happens, click BACK on your browser , return to this page and re-enter all your info, and submit.
  • That will take you to the next page that will give your your tourney jump number, and a choice to go administer tourney and set your rules and tourney layout.***