There are a few things to make your job as Tournament Director easier and more effective. Below are some links to sites where you can download programs to use!

Most have trial programs, check them all out before you download, see what's right for you and your computer.

Macro Programs

Used for advertising your tournaments in the lobby. Also known as spammers. Since you can't copy and paste in our lobbies, these programs allow you to store text for advertising tourney information and/or rules, and anything you need to repeat often, without retyping each time, and then it downloads it into the lobby chat.

Recommended Program & Tutorial Here

Short Keys Lite 

Screen Capture Utilities

Used for taking screen shots of any rule violations or abuse. Important for having back up proof if you need to disqualify someone from a tourney. Then it's not heresay. A picture says it all. Some newer versions of windows don't need a utility for this function and is already built in to your computer. Both are simple to use and can take repeated shots rapidly. If you need any help please ask Head Admin, any Admin or your trainer.