Web Hosting Sites

To put graphics, images, music on your page, you need to first save them to your computer then from there, upload them to a web host so they are visible on the www. There are a handful of sites that 'might' let you direct link, but we don't recommend it. And direct linking to a site that prohibits it in violation of myleague policy! So, save yourself any problems and find yourself a web host.

How to Save Images How to Save Music

Below is a listing of a few Free and Paid Web Hosts. Many have restrictions, so check everything out before you sign up. If your are a Platinum or Diamond membership with myleague, one of your perks is a free website, as well many other advantages for a TD. Another option you should check into is most ISP's (Internet Service Providers) now offer free personal web page space with your subscription. So check out the Member Services section of whoever you have your internet service through.